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1)    What do Chick Publications really believe? That you can lose your salvation as evidenced by the 1987 tract THE FOUR BROTHERS? Or the later renaming of the tract to THE FOUR ANGELS teaching eternal security? This flip-flop on the major doctrine of the eternal security of the believer is serious, as well as suspicious. The scriptures condemn being unequally yoked with those doctrinally wrong on major issues - 2 Cor 6:14-18; the eternal security of the believer is a MAJOR doctrinal issue, which, if someone is not saved eternally, then he has to DO something to stay saved which is WORKS for salvation – clearly condemned in Gal 1:8-9; The tract, THE FOUR BROTHERS, taught that you could lose your salvation, by confusing verses written in the book of HEBREWS (to the Jews) with the Pauline teaching of the Eternal Security of the believer.

2)    No Chick Tract or Comic EVER contains any material exposing the heretical tongues, signs & wonders, healing Charismatic/Pentecostal movement, clearly violating Acts 20:27; “For I have not shunned to declare unto you ALL the counsel of God.”

3)    Chick tracts utilize PICTURES throughout all the tracts, clearly warned about in the scriptures: Num 33:52 (4X13); & the scriptural law of 1ST mention shows how serious it is to base 90% (not chalk talks equaling about 5%) of your ministry on this caution. (see also Isa 2:12-16)

4)    Chick tracts, because of the PICTURES, are ‘visually oriented,’ which is NOT a plus, as some soulwinners think, but is one of the main problems with Laodecia: movies, video games, the Internet, TV, & DVD’s all contribute to the lack of Biblical literacy, spirituality, & salvations in our present time, & are the exact OPPOSITTE of Rom 10:17, “So then faith cometh by HEARING, and hearing by the word of God.” The Holy Spirit of God works through the preaching, teaching, & reading of the written & spoken word of God, not IMAGES of it.

5)    Many Chick Tracts are much too explicit (Eph 5:12), depicting American violence, drugs, alcohol, crime, sex, etc. as a means to capture & hold someone’s attention; children especially do NOT need to be exposed to this type of visual stimulation, yet tract racks that contain Chick Tracts, usually have all the titles interspersed without any scrutiny whatsoever by whoever maintains the display. A missionary to the Ukraine told us that Chick Tracts are NOT well received there.

6)    The larger Chick comics are absolutely pornographic; such as SABOTAGE; CHAOS; with drawings of human anatomy far too explicit & suggestive for supposedly “Christian” literature.

7)    The cost of Chick Tracts are prohibitive compared to any other one or two page written tract utilizing a certain theme or idea leading into the Gospel plan of salvation, which is all that’s necessary if the recipient is truly interested in reading it. The money wasted on expensive Chick Tracts could be put to much more important uses, especially on the foreign mission field, where Missionaries are continually struggling financially.

8)    In my 35 years of soulwinning endeavors, I’ve never known of even ONE person ever being saved while reading a Chick Tract; I’m not saying that no one ever has been, I’ve just never personally seen it happen; strange, considering how ‘effective’ Chick Tracts are supposed to be.

9)    Worst of all, Chick Tracts have a corrupted plan of salvation on the back page; the original tracts included Rom 12:1-2 as PART of the means of salvation, which verses are talking about SURRENDER, not salvation; the later tracts have corrected that error, but still include the phrase, ‘I am willing to turn from sin’ which is reformation (& is NOT Biblical repentance; see booklet SATAN EXPOSED) & found nowhere in any verse on Pauline New Testament salvation; Rom 10:9-10; etc. For the seriousness of this error see Gal 1:8-9.