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Meet the Missionaries

Benach family to the Jews
Henry & Victoria Benach
Henry Benach and his family began a ministry called Jewish Endtime Ministries. They are located in Graysville, GA. This ministry distributes literature and tracts for the Jewish people. They also have conferences and support missionaries. If you would like to contact him, please email: shaloam@jemministries.com. You may also visit their website, www.jemministries.com.
Snyder family to Bolivia
synder family
Joe and Elna Snyder are missionaries to Bolivia. Their mission board is New Tribes Mission. Please visit www.ntm.org for more information.
Sebial family to the Philippines
sebial family
Armando and Luz Sebial are indigenous missionaries in the Philippines. Their sending mission board is Victory Baptist Missions International. They have a heart for Philippino people and a desire to build Bible-believing churches in the Philippines.