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Jail Ministry

Onycha Baptist Church has a ministry to the Covington County Jail. Services are held 2-3 times per month. Many inmates have received Jesus as their Saviour through the preaching of the gospel.

Nursing Home Ministry

Once a month Onycha Baptist Church has a preaching ministry to the Andalusia Manor to share the gospel and to be a blessing to the elderly people at the nursing home.

Tract Distribution

Every week Onycha Baptist Church spreads the gospel through passing out tracts on the steps of the Covington County Courthouse in Andalusia. The church also passes out tracts at special events held each year, such as the Rattlesnake Rodeo, Christmas Parades, and the County Fair.

Street Preaching

Once a week, Pastor Johnston publicly preaches the gospel on the streets of Opp. He meets many people and always leaves a gospel tract with them.