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Spanish 1960 Matches to Corrupted English Bibles

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No. Ref. KJV Spanish RVR1960 Spanish RVR1960 Translated to English Catholic NAB JW NWT NIV RSV Doctrinal Deviation
1 Gen. 1:1 heaven los cielos heavens x x x x Error of singular vs. plural
2 Gen 1:14 heaven los cielos heavens na x na x Error of singular vs. plural
3 Gen. 24:39 my master Omits NAB, NWT, NIV, RSV all have “my master”
4 Judges 18:30 Manasseh Moisés  Moses x x x x Wrong person.
5 1 Sam. 17:29 Is there not a cause? ¿No es esto mero hablar?  Is this not mere talk?  x x x x Error in translation.
6 2 Sam. 15:7 forty years cuatro años  four years x x x Number error in all but NWT.
7 1 Chron. 11:20 And Abishai the brother of Joab, he was chief of the three: Y Abisai, hermano de Joab, era jefe de los treinta  thirty x x Number error in all but NWT & NIV.
8 2 Sam. 23:18a  And Abishai, the brother of Joab, the son of Zeruiah, was chief among three. Y Abisai hermano de Joab, hijo de Sarvia, fue el principal de los treinta.  thirty x x Number error in all but NAB & NIV. (NWT conflicts with 1 Chron. 11:20)
9 2 Sam. 21:19 Elhanan…slew the brother of Goliath Elhanán...mató a Goliat geteo,  Elhanan...killed Goliath the Gittite  x x x x All versions conflict with 1 Chron. 20:5 which says that "Elhanan the son of Jair slew Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite…"
10 Acts 12:4 Easter pascua  passover x x x x Using "Passover" makes this verse false.
11 1 Cor. 9:27 castaway eliminado eliminate x RVR1960 error teaches people they can lose their salvation.
12 1 Pet. 2:2 desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: para que por ella crezcáis para salvación, that ye may grow up/unto to salvation,  x x x x Changes the context from a believer's spiritual growth through studying the word of God into salvation by works.
13 1 Pet. 3:21 The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:  El bautismo que corresponde a esto ahora nos salva (no quitando las inmundicias de la carne, sino como la aspiración de una buena conciencia hacia Dios) por la resurrección de Jesucristo,  The baptism that corresponds to this now saves us (not by removing the filth of the flesh, but as the aspiration of a good conscience toward God) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ,  x x x x 1960RVR removes the doctrine of the ordinance of water baptism as only a like figure (symbol) and not necessary for salvation and makes water baptism necessary for salvation.
14 Rev. 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments Bienaventurados los que lavan sus ropas  Blessed are those who wash their robes  x x x x Error in translation.
15 Luke 2:22 And when the days of her purification according to the law of Moses were accomplished Y cuando se cumplieron los días de la purificación de ellos  And when the days of their purification were fulfilled  x x x x This error includes Jesus, making Jesus a sinner needing purification. Cf. Lev. 12:1-8
16 Isa. 9:3 and not increased the joy y aumentaste la alegría  and increased the joy na x x x Opposite meaning.
17 Lam. 1:7 sabbaths de su caída  fall/downfall/ruin x x x x Error in translation.
18 Hos. 10:1 Israel is an empty vine Israel es una frondosa viña  Israel is a lush/leafy vineyard  x x x Error in all but NWT.
19 2 Kings 10:25 city of the house of Baal Y fueron hasta el lugar santo del templo de Baal  And they went to the holy place of the Temple of Baal Only the RVR1960 in error.  The house of Baal is not holy.
20 2 Kings 23:7 sodomites prostitución idolátrica idolatrous prostitution x x x x Idolatrous prostitution is sinful but is not the same thing as the sin of sodomy.
21 Prov. 26:22 wounds bocados suaves  Soft/delicious morsels na x x x Different meaning.
22 Heb. 3:16 For some, when they had heard, did provoke: howbeit not all that came out of Egypt by Moses.  ¿Quiénes fueron los que, habiendo oído, le provocaron? ¿No fueron todos los que salieron de Egipto por mano de Moisés?  Who were those who, having heard, provoked him? Were not they all those who went out of Egypt by the hand of Moses?  x x x x Opposite meaning, not all of those that came out of Egypt provoked.
23 Matt. 15:8a The people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth Omits x x x x First half of the verse is omitted.
24 Dan. 3:25 the fourth is like the Son of God y el aspecto del cuarto es semejante a hijo de los dioses  and the aspect/appearance of the fourth is like a son of the gods.  na x x x Changes meaning of the verse and attacks the Deity of Jesus Christ.
25 Acts 2:31 hell Hades hades (transliterated) x x x x The correct word for the abode for those who die without trusting Christ is "hell, not "Hades".
26 Romans 1:16 of Christ Omits x x x x There are many false gospels, but only one true gospel of Christ. Eliminates the central person of the gospel, that being Jesus Christ.
27 Acts 3:21 since the world began  que han sido desde tiempo antiguo  long ago/ancient time x x x x Changes meaning of the verse.
28 Heb. 1:8 But unto the Son he saith, Mas del Hijo dice: But of the son he says x x x x Attacks the Deity of Jesus Christ.  Change makes it unclear that God the Father is addressing God the Son (Jesus Christ) as God
29 Job 21:13 and in a moment go down Y en paz descienden. And descend in peace.  x x x The wicked do not die in peace (tranquility).
30 Luke 21:19 In your patience possess ye your souls.  Con vuestra paciencia ganaréis vuestras almas.  With your patience you will gain/earn your souls.  x x x x Attacks salvation by grace through faith and makes salvation by works.
31 Gal. 5:12 I would they were even cut off which trouble you.  !!Ojalá se mutilasen los que os perturban!  I hope they will mutilate/emasculate those who disturb/trouble you!  x x x x Mutilation of the flesh is not the context of this verse.
32 Matt. 5:22 without a cause Omits x x x x By eliminating this phrase, the RVR1960 and the new bibles cause Jesus to be guilty of sin and subject to judgment, because Jesus got angry many times, e.g. Mark 3:5.
33 1 Thess. 4:4 That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour;  que cada uno de vosotros sepa tener su propia esposa en santidad y honor;  possess his own wife member   The context is fornication and the verse would apply to both men and women alike.
34 Mark 1:2 As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.  Como está escrito en Isaías el profeta: He aquí yo envío mi mensajero delante de tu faz, El cual preparará tu camino delante de ti. Isaiah the propet x x x x Error is in RVR1960 and all modern bibles. The quotation did not come solely from the prophet Isaiah; it is from the prophets Malachi (Mal. 3:1) and Isaiah (Isa. 40:3)
35 Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.  Al oír esto Jesús, les dijo: Los sanos no tienen necesidad de médico, sino los enfermos. No he venido a llamar a justos, sino a pecadores.  Omits “to repentance” x x x x Eliminates the necessity of repentance.
36 Luke 23:42 Lord Omits x x x Eliminates the salvation of the thief on the cross and the saving power of Jesus Christ.
37 John 10:30 I an my Father are one. Yo y el Padre uno somos.  I and the Father are one.  x x x x Attacks the Deity of Jesus Christ.
38 John 12:47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.  Al que oye mis palabras, y no las guarda, yo no le juzgo; porque no he venido a juzgar al mundo, sino a salvar al mundo.  hears my words, and does not keep them,  x x x x Attacks salvation by grace through faith and makes salvation by works.
39 Acts 7:45 Jesus Josué  Joshua x x x x The correct translation is "Jesus" as in the KJV. Joshua 1-10 is a type of Jesus Christ and a picture of the 2nd Advent. (cf. Josh. 5:15)  The same Greek word for Jesus (Iesous) is also used throughout the rest of the NT.
40 Rom. 10:9 the Lord Jesus Jesús es el Señor  Jesus is Lord x x x x Supports "Lordship Salvation", (the false doctrine that if Jesus is not Lord over all your life at salvation, then He is not Lord at all and you were never saved.) 
41 1 Cor. 7:5 fasting Omits x x x x Eliminates the Bible Doctrine of fasting.
42 John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.   Respondió Jesús: Mi reino no es de este mundo; si mi reino fuera de este mundo, mis servidores pelearían para que yo no fuera entregado a los judíos; pero mi reino no es de aquí.  Omits “now x x x x Omitting the word "now" results in a false teaching that a literal and physical kingdom where Jesus reigns supreme will never be established on earth.
43 See 12 occurences (in the 11 verses) in the right-hand column. testament pacto  The RVR1960 changes “testament” to “covenant” all twelve times. x x x x This error occurs twelve times: Matt. 26:28; Mark 14:24; Luke 22:20; 1 Cor. 11:25; 2 Cor. 3:6, 14; Heb. 7:22; 9:15 (twice),18, 20; Rev. 11:19. A testament is in force only after the death of the testator; a covenant does not require the death of anybody to be in force, i.e. using the word "covenant" in the new bibles has eliminated the shed blood and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Ref. KJV TR Significance
1 Luke 21:19 possess endurance gain TR makes salvation by works.
2 John 3:36 believeth not is not subject to TR makes salvation by works.
3 1 Cor. 1:18 are saved are being saved TR makes salvation by works.
4 2 Cor. 2:15 are saved being saved TR makes salvation by works.
5 John 10:30 my Father the Father TR attacks the Deity of Jesus Christ.
6 Matt. 5:22 without a cause lightly The TR makes Jesus into a sinner since Jesus got angry many times, but always with just cause.
7 Acts 2:31 hell hades The correct English word for the abode for those who die without trusting Christ is "hell, not the transliteration "hades."
8 Acts 3:21 since the world began from of old TR attacks the eternal nature of Jesus Christ.
9 Matt. 7:14 strait straitened Changed tense of word changes meaning.
10 Mark 2:15 Jesus The first use of "Jesus" omitted in favor of "he" Eliminating Jesus' name is wrong.
11 Luke 17:36 Two menshall be in the field; the one shall be taken, the other left omitted TR omits entire verse.
12 Acts 12:4 Easter Passover TR is in error.
13 Acts 1:3 many infallible proofs many proofs TR fails to state the proofs of the resurrection are infallible, i.e. indisputable.
14 Acts 4:13 unlearned and ignorant unlettered they are and uninstructed Changed words changes meaning.
15 Acts 7:45 & Heb. 4:8 Jesus Joshua The TR destroys the OT typology of Jesus Christ returning as a military captain who leads armies to do battle and destroy the United Nations.  The correct translation is the KJV "Jesus."
16 Rom. 1:32 have pleasure are consenting to Changed words changes meaning.
17 Rom. 12:11 the Lord omitted TR omission of "the Lord" removes the One who believers are supposed to be serving.
18 1 Cor. 7:2 nevertheless, to avoid fornication but on account of fornication TR fails to point out the admonition to avoid fornication.
19 1 Cor. 15:31 I protest by your rejoicing by our boasting which I have Changed words changes meaning.
20 Gal. 2:20 I am crucified I have been crucified Changing the tense of word to past tense changes meaning.
21 Phil. 3:8 dung refuse TR uses a less offensive term; doing so changes the meaning of the verse.
22 Col. 3:2 affection mind TR uses the wrong word.  God is interested in the seat of your affection and love (your heart - Prov. 23:26).
23 1 Thes. 2:15 us you Changed words changes meaning.
24 1 Thes. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. Abstain from every form of wickedness. TR allows believers to live carnally as long as it is not something actually "evil," while the KJV condemns everything evil as well as all things that appear to be evil.
25 1 Tim. 6:20 science knowledge TR takes away KJV warning against false science.
26 2 Tim. 2:15 study be diligent Changes meaning of the verse.
27 Heb. 2:10 captain leader Jesus Christ as the "captain of their salvation" is much more than a mere religious "leader" as in the TR, e.g. Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
28 Heb. 3:6 rejoicing boasting TR gives opposite meaning.
29 James 2:18 without omitted Eliminating this word changes meaning of verse.
30 James 5:16 faults offenses Changed word changes meaning.
31 1 John 1:4 your our Changed word changes meaning.
32 1 John 2:23 (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. omitted TR omits.
33 Rev. 3:1 seven The first use of "seven" omitted TR destroys the cross-reference to "seven Spirits" in Rev. 1:4, 4:5, and 5:6.
34 Rev. 11:1 And the angels stood omitted TR omits.